Festivals in Switzerland Tickets

Montreux Jazz Festival Tickets

Montreux Jazz Festival

04 July - 19 July

From $121.72
Blue Balls Festival Tickets

Blue Balls Festival

18 July - 25 July

From $76.43
Paleo Festival De Nyon Tickets

Paleo Festival De Nyon

22 July - 27 July

From $117.76
Openair Frauenfeld Tickets

Openair Frauenfeld

10 July - 12 July

From $338.55

All Festivals in Switzerland Tickets

Date Events Price

18 July - 25 July

Blue Balls Festival


04 July - 05 July

Blues Nights Gossau


04 June - 07 June

Caribana festival

04 July - 05 July


12 June - 14 June

Greenfield Festival


17 July - 20 July



04 July - 19 July

Montreux Jazz Festival


28 May - 08 June

Montreux Sundance Festival


10 July - 19 July

Moon and Stars


10 July - 12 July

Openair Frauenfeld


26 June - 29 June

OpenAir St.Gallen


22 July - 27 July

Paleo Festival De Nyon


06 August - 09 August

Stars in Town


13 June - 12 July

Stars of Sounds


10 July - 12 July

Summerstage Basel

20 June - 22 June

Touch The Air Festival

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Festivals in Switzerland 2014 Lineup and Tickets

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