What happens when your tickets are sold

If your tickets sell, you will receive an email immediately with the transaction details. You must confirm this transaction within one business day by clicking on the provided link. You can also confirm all "Pending Confirmations" in the My Account section of the website.

Note that as per our Terms and Conditions, any confirmed transactions fulfilled incorrectly by the seller can result in a CHARGE to the seller in order to replace the tickets for the buyer at an equal or more desirable location at current market prices. The seller will not be paid unless the exact event tickets purchased are received by the buyer via the selected delivery method.

After confirmation, we will provide you with instructions on how to deliver the tickets to the buyer via the selected delivery method. Please follow these instructions to send the tickets to the buyer. Then, five to eight business days after the event, we will pay you via your selected payment method.

Should a problem occur at any point, please Contact Us immediately to ensure a swift solution and prompt delivery and payment of the tickets.

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What happens when your tickets are sold? What after my tickets have sold?

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