How does viagogo work?

viagogo provides a secure online exchange platform that allows people to buy and sell tickets to live sports and entertainment events. Sellers list the tickets and set the prices. The buyers choose the tickets which are the right date, location and price for them. viagogo manages the transactions and all tickets are protected by the viagogo guarantee.

What is the viagogo guarantee?

Unlike on online auction sites or the street, every ticket that is sold through viagogo is protected by our guarantee. That means our customers always get the tickets they’ve paid for, in time for the event. If not, we do everything in our power to get them replacement tickets.

As a result of viagogo’s guarantee, we have virtually eliminated ticket fraud on our marketplace. People no longer need to take their chances on a street corner or on an unsecured website.

Who sets the ticket prices on viagogo?

Ticket prices are set by the seller, although viagogo does provide information on what constitutes a fair price. Ultimately, the buyer makes a personal choice about the tickets which are the right price and location for them. In fact, around half the tickets listed on viagogo are very near to or below face value. If people list their tickets at high prices, they rarely sell.

Does viagogo buy or sell any tickets?

No, viagogo's role is to provide a secure platform for consumers to buy and sell tickets, protected by our guarantee. We also manage the transaction between buyer and seller.

What fees does viagogo charge?

viagogo charges a percentage of the ticket price and this is consistent across all sales for all events, namely 15% of the ticket price to the buyer and 10% to the seller. These fees help us to cover the costs of upholding our guarantee, maintaining our secure online ticketing platform and providing customer support 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buyers are also charged for the recorded delivery of their tickets, which varies depending on where the tickets are being collected from and delivered to.

How does viagogo protect consumers from fraud?

Sellers are not paid for their tickets until buyers have successfully attended the event. Therefore, unlike on online auction sites or with street sellers, it is impossible to make money from listing fake tickets on viagogo.

We make every effort to ensure that all the tickets listed for sale on viagogo are genuine and can legitimately be offered for sale. In the rare cases where we are made aware of tickets that cannot legitimately be offered for sale, we act quickly to remove them.

It’s important to note that all tickets traded on viagogo are protected by our guarantee.

Is it legal to resell tickets?

Yes, it is perfectly legal in the UK for a person to resell a ticket to an event. The only exception is football matches in England and Wales, to which you cannot resell tickets without the club’s permission. viagogo has partnerships with half the English Premier League, including Chelsea FC and Manchester City FC.

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