Searching for events

Searching for events on the viagogo website is easy! Simply enter key words into the search box and we will show you all matching events.

There are several ways to use the search function more specifically:

  • You can search for the name or part of the name of the event (for example "Gotan Project "or "Wimbledon Men's Singles")
  • You can search for the name of the category or part of the name of the category (for example "Music" or "Tennis")
  • You can search for the location or venue (for example "Bristol")
  • You can combine any of the above to narrow down your search results (for example "U2 London")

You don't have to use any extra search operators like commas or "and" as you will automatically be shown events that match all the criteria entered.
You can also sort the results by clicking on the column headers (e.g. date, venue name).

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