My Account 'Purchases' explained

Under "Purchases" you will find sub-categories where you can view important information regarding your purchase history. The sub-categories for the "Purchases" tab are below.

"Pending Shipment" - tickets have not been scanned in by one of our shipping providers or have not started their delivery process

"En Route" - purchases where the tickets have started their delivery process and are on their way to be delivered

"Available for Pickup" - purchases that are available to be picked up from one of our viagogo locations (not available for all events). If you would like to print out instructions simply select the appropriate action and click on the "go" button

"Complete" - purchases that have been delivered accurately

"Issue" - attempted purchases where a problem exists and payment has not been settled. If you would like to change your payment method, cancel the order, or contact viagogo customer services, simply select the appropriate action and click on the "go" button.

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