Payment problems with CC

Your payment provider may decline the sale if they suspect there is a problem with it. This is particularly an issue for high value, or international transactions. To ensure your payment goes through successfully: Make sure you enter the correct security code (also called CVV2 or CVC2):

For Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch and Electron: this is the last 3 numbers on the back of your debit card

For American Express: this is the 4 numbers on the front of your card - on the right hand side, in the middle

Please ensure the debit/credit card details you provided are for a valid card, with an expiry date in the future and sufficient funds are available on the card to cover your purchase

Contact your bank to tell them you are authorising a payment to viagogo - a UK based internet company and confirm the amount of the sale.

Please note in some instances your payment provider may verify that the funds have been authroised for viagogo but we have still cancelled your transaction. This means there was an error on the security code you entered and we have declined the sale. viagogo has not taken your funds and this authorisation will expire automatically after a couple of days.

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