Ticket price is determined by ticket supply and demand

Availability and ticket prices on the secondary ticket market are driven by demand, not by the luck of being the first to get through when the tickets go on sale.

The prices of the tickets sold on our website are not determined by viagogo, but either by the seller or the market - depending on what pricing format the seller chooses to sell their tickets with.

Depending on the demand for the particular ticket of a particular event, the price of the ticket can be much higher or lower than the face value of the ticket.

Buying tickets on the secondary ticket market gives fans a chance to see performers that they might not have a chance to see otherwise. For events that are in high demand, a secondary ticket market is the best bet to get a decent seat or just get in to see the event.

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I paid for a ticket and the price on the ticket is only why is the price different? why are the seats so overpriced like Seatwave why do you charge so much doesn't say anything on the website about face or maket value how are there cheaper tickets in the same section as more expensive ones why are the tickets so expensive unclear on different pricing paid higher price than what's on the ticket

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