It is completely legal

viagogo operates as a completely legal enterprise on the secondary ticket market providing an exchange for sporting events, concerts and the theatre. The secondary ticket market has in conjunction with the primary market established itself in the past few years as an important component of the ticketing market.

viagogo offers you a safe platform to buy tickets on the secondary ticket market. Your Transaction is guaranteed as soon as the transaction has been submitted and the payment was succesful. You will receive an e-mail that the order has been received and our viagogo guarantee comes into effect. This guarantee ensures that your tickets are genuine and that you receive the tickets in time for the event, or receive a full refund.

We are working very hard to bring trust and safety to the secondary ticket market. We are providing a safe platform for buyers and sellers to deal with their tickets, while viagogo takes care of logistics, payment security and delivery problems.

Furthermore, viagogo is the official partner of several premiership clubs, offering a controlled platform for their registered members to trade their tickets in a secure environment.

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does your company sell tickets safely worried about fake tickets how can you guarantee the tickets aren't fake can you assure me the tickets are genuine can I be sure tickets are genuine are you a reputable site bad press about these sites

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