When sellers do not confirm the sale

A confirmation is necessary for any sale to be completed. Without confirmation, the sale will not go through and you will not be paid for the tickets.

If you do not confirm a sale within three business days, we may contact you to find out why you have not confirmed. One reason why you would not confirm a sale is if you no longer have the tickets you offered for sale, or you have listed the wrong tickets, in which case we would have to take steps to find replacements for those tickets.

Any problems we have with individual sellers will be recorded and we reserve the right to ban sellers from trading on our website if they are breaking the rules - for example by not confirming sales.

We encourage you to Contact Us immediately if there are any problems with a sale, as we will work to help you find a solution.

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I cannot confirm have already sold tickets sorry, just sold tickets on another site how do i decline a transaction i don't have the tickets and they've just sold

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