Delivery methods to send tickets

To ensure guaranteed delivery of the tickets,we only work with fully trackable delivery companies.

Once your tickets have been purchased and you have confirmed the sale, you will receive an email with specific instructions on how to deliver your tickets with the selected delivery method.

Please follow the instructions in the email to ensure a safe and trackable delivery.

Delivery instructions vary by delivery provider. A few examples are below:

Local postal companies

e.g. United Kingdom - Royal Mail, Germany - Einschreiben, France - Chronopost, Switzerland - Swiss Post. (national addresses only). Take the tickets to your local Post Office and ask for 'Special Delivery Next Day'. Simply follow the instructions sent to you through the link via our email.

  • Make sure to keep and save the label receipt with the tracking number as it will need to be entered into our website in the 'My Account' section.
  • Please ensure you enter the tracking number not later then 12 hours after posting as this will otherwise affect your payment.
  • You will be reimbursed through the payment you will receive once your tickets have been received by the buyer.

In the Sales tab of your viagogo account, the transaction will be in state 'Pending Shipment'. From here, you can print the shipping label to attach to your envelope, arrange for UPS to pick up your tickets.

Please make sure you save the shipping labels if you do not print them straight away. The transaction status will change and you will not be able to retrieve them at a later stage.

Please Contact Us if you have not printed the labels or have lost them, we will then resend them to you.

Bear in mind that viagogo supports all delivery by providing you with a pre-paid airbill and/or instructions in order to get your tickets to the buyer on time.

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