Working to eliminate illegal activity

As reported in the press, there have been a few sellers and companies acting illegally in the secondary market. Let us assure you that we are undertaking every possible step to ensure that no illegal activities are carried out through our website.

Everybody wanting to sell or buy tickets via viagogo has to agree to the terms and conditions, which include a clause on stolen property and illegal activities.

We reserve the right to suspend the membership of any seller we feel has attempted to commit fraud or sell illegal tickets.

We also reserve the right to withhold seller payment or charge seller credit cards in order to recover damages related to fraud or illegal activity.

In order to assure this, all sellers have to register their credit card details when signing up. Any attempts to abuse the viagogo website for illegal activity will be investigated very seriously.

We are working very hard to bring trust and safety to the secondary ticket market and are determined to make sure that fraud will never pay.

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