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Ingressos para CAMAROTE RIO

The most desired Lodge Box from Sapucaí Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is back! An exclusive mega space, with the air and looks of the city. Camarote Rio offers to its public a unique experience from the Samba Schools Parade with the best parties. All of that in a highly decorated and comfortable space, with the best brands and services available. Camarote Rio is located on Sector 4, in the middle of the Parades venue. It was specially designed to attend to its public in a lovely and exceptional way. It is a 1.500 m² area disposed in a 3 floor space, all with a privileged view of Marques de Sapucaí split in 4 different spaces that will host crowds from all over the world during the happiest 5 days of the year. The Lodge Box service is all inclusive and guests will have free access to champagne, whisky, vodka, energy drinks, wines, frozen, beer, juice, water, sodas and different drinks. The food area will offer a rich and varied menu from appetizers, dinner, deserts and breakfast, mixing exquisite international menus with the best of Brazilian food. Also, several unique services will be offered to its guests like: shirt customization, spa, nail care, hair dressers and makeup among others. Camarote Rio also counts with meeting points for the party kit pick up and collection and transfer in and out of the event, bringing our guests to the venue with all comfort and security from its exclusive meeting point. Not only the biggest spectacle on earth, Camarote Rio will held the bests parties to heat the dance floor during the parades intervals and afterwards since parties will follow until 7am. The parties Fica Comigo, Scheeeins, Errejota, Sambinha e Nas Internas are already confirmed!

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