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Mobile Privacy Notice

This Mobile Privacy Notice summarizes your privacy rights regarding our collection, use, sharing and protection of your personal information. It applies to any StubHub Mobile Application Service (App) where this Mobile Privacy Notice is referenced. BY INSTALLING AND USING THIS APP YOU EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO OUR COLLECTION, USE, SHARING, AND PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION AS SUMMARIZED BELOW AND AS FULLY DESCRIBED IN OUR USER PRIVACY NOTICE. If you are a California resident, please see our CCPA Privacy Policy, located here.

In order to maximize the benefits of this App, please opt-in or modify the collection settings in your phone's privacy settings (where applicable). If you have a question or complaint about this Privacy Notice or our information handling practices, please contact us.

Collection, Use, Sharing and Protection of Your Personal Information


  • With your authorization, we may access precise location information from your mobile device to provide you a customized experience

  • With your authorization, we may access your mobile device contact information to help you manage your communication with others

  • With your authorization, we may access calendar information from your mobile device to help you schedule reminders

  • With your authorization, we may access the camera or photo library on your mobile device so that you can do things like list an item

  • When you connect your StubHub account with a third party social networking or sign-in service, we may create and authenticate your account or connect your account with other features and services. You control the personal information we have access to through (a) the privacy settings in the App and (b) the permissions you express on the device used to grant us access to your personal information retained within, and collected by, the App

  • With your authorization, we may access your mobile device’s music library and music preference information to offer you a customized experience


We may use your information to serve you customized advertising if you allow us. You can opt-out using your device’s setting


  • Only with your consent will we share your information with third-parties to use for their own marketing purposes
  • We share your information with service providers under contract who help us operate our business and who process your information according to our instruction
  • We share your information with law enforcement or authorized third parties, to investigate illegal activity or violations of our user agreement


We protect your information using technical and administrative security measures designed to reduce the risks of loss or misuse